Spring is here…

Welcome to my first blog from Waitapu Farms. It would seem the recent bad weather is over now and as I type this the sun is shining and the farm is looking beautiful – very green and I can almost hear the grass growing!

Despite the recent wet and windy weather, spring has most definitely sprung here on Waitapu Farms, we have a shed and surrounding paddocks at Tapu Bush full of 219 very happy healthy new calves and with only around 66 cows left to calve we are well on our way to milking our target of 840 cows.

Our older calves waiting patiently to be fed

Over the last few days we have had tourists from Japan staying at Radcliff Cottage and they have really enjoyed visiting our calves, learning about how cows are milked and have been on frequent day trips to our beautiful beaches and have enjoyed horse riding near Warkworth.  They have been amazed by how beautiful our farm and surrounding views are and were awestruck when they saw our local Te Arai Point beach which put on its best turquoise show for them.  Nothing beats the unspoilt beauty of a natural beach.

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