It is a stunning day here as I write this, the temperatures have dropped somewhat recently, however the sun is still shining and there is blue sky as far as the eye can see.  Personally I find the slightly cooler weather to be a relief from the long seemingly endless hot days of summer.  It is much nicer to work in too.

The last few months have seen a lot of work happening around the farm, we have a new feedpad for Shed 2 with upgraded drainage etc.  The cows were not terribly happy with not being allowed to use this while it was under construction but they gotten used to the new race layout now and are very happy to be getting their maize silage on the new pad now as opposed to it being fed out in their paddock.

Under Construction - the new feedpad at shed2 is underway...

  We also have a new effluent pond for Shed 2 which is inline with effluent containment and disposal regulations – it has been fitted with a liner to prevent leaching into the soil – I am told we are one of the first to do this in our district, which is great as we like to do our part to keep NZ clean and green.  On this subject we have completed the beautification of these areas too, planting 200+ native shrubs, flaxes and grasses that will not only make these areas more attractive but keep in line with our native planting around all our sheds and “ungrazable” areas on the farm.

The new native planting along the edge of the new effluent pond at Shed2


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